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Loved by Instructional Designers, L&D managers and Sales Enablement experts from 10,000+ companies
This thing is going to change the world of learning!
Richard Mendoza
Director of Enablement
Best microlearning experience for the Designer AND the Learner!
Julie Anderson McKee
Director, Learning and Development
Best learning tool I came across in the last two years.
Kirsten Garbini
Director of Learning
Incredibly easy tool with loads of possibilities.
Sarah Brown
Lead Trainer
An effortless and rapid microlearning experience.
Troy Ashman
Learning Experience Designer

The must-have companion to your corporate L&D toolkit

Reinforce a learning event

Motivate learners before a training session and prep them with some pre-work. Then reinforce their knowledge afterward with reminder content.

Introduce a simple skill

Improve performance by introducing a simple skill using short, stand-alone modules. Deliver them individually or over time in a drip campaign.

Support performance

Help learners overcome challenges and better perform with "just-in-time" guides, job aids, and instructions.

Prototype eLearning

Align expectations with stakeholders and accurately scope the project. Create rapid prototypes to save time and money on large projects.

7taps improves content creation & delivery workflow

Create. Everything you need to design a memorable microlearning experience is built-in. Invite your team to collaborate and unlock the full potential of 7taps.
No extra design job
No need to customize content for different screens
Pre-designed canvas, engineered for the optimum microlearning experience
Deploy. Launch drip learning campaigns and automize content delivery. Share stand-alone modules via a link, email, SMS, QR code, or HTML embed.
No hassles with SCORM
No apps, no downloads, no logins for learners
Learners access 7taps content in a click on any device
Track. Once your micro-course is shared, you can create and download a report with vital statistics about learner performance.
Instant statistics
Download and export via xAPI
Send reminders in a click

Create a mini-course

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