February 19, 2022


Elena Obolonskaia

Instructional Design Nightmare Sticker Pack: a story of one Linkedin post

Instructional Design Nightmare Sticker Pack: a story of one Linkedin post
A casual Linkedin post turned viral and made the eLearning industry laugh & cry. We decided to eternalize the event by creating a cool sticker pack out of it. Scroll down to learn how to get one 😏

It started off as a fun challenge to brighten up a working week and cheer up the Instructional Design and Learning and Development community. 7taps founder, Kate invited her network to share some professional slang:

The ID network reacted immediately:

Instructional designers, L&D experts and educators joined the discussion and started contributing eagerly. In a way, we started an Instructional Design #metoo thread that hopefully helped some specialists to feel supported when sharing their experiences.

Educators are exposed to rapid institutional and organizational changes, especially these days with an ever growing  pressure of being digital, agile, highly productive and still motivated. Besides the professional knowledge and work ethic this job requires exceptional skills in communication, problem-solving, negotiation and persuasion.

We do know the struggle. In fact, this is what we created 7taps for - to save time, energy and build up enthusiasm for both educators and learners. We are also up for a good laugh, so next time you’re asked to pretty up one's PPT, just think about this post.

Here are  the top picks by category.

Communication with a client


Creative twists

Learning journey

Aren’t these remarks brilliant?! That was what we thought!

A couple of weeks and our skilled designers found a great use for all the quotes. Let us present you the first sticker pack for educators!

This is a limited edition set that will be sent to all former and current Creator Contest participants. Wanna get the sticker pack too? Just join the challenge!

Acknowledgements: Mridul Kaushik, Lisa Sandonato, Jade DeBusk, Marc Latourette, Richard Mulcahy, Milind Joglekar, Tim Slade, Emilia Dudziak, Lindsley Alvarez, Jen Sheaks, Romy Jeryal.

Fancy reading the original LinkedIn post? Here it is!

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