February 19, 2022


Elena Obolonskaia

The Microlearning Battle for an iPad Pro

The Microlearning Battle for an iPad Pro
Hey, 7 tappers! We decided to tell you a story about one startup and its incredible fans that turned a small competition into a tournament of greatness.

Buckle up and pour yourself a cup of tea! The read takes about 5 minutes, but it’s worth it.

Since we launched 7taps in the middle of a global pandemic, we wanted to bring some levity and cheer to our emerging community, a way to encourage creativity and knowledge sharing. And so we launched our first ever #7taps Course Creator Contest.

The results blew our minds. Just take a look at this course created by Ridvan Saglam:

We were pleasantly surprised to learn that, not only 7taps is loved by L&D pros but it’s also being used by kettlebell swingers, real estate agents, professors, gamers, environmental activists, and brilliant experts in a wide array of industries.

Here are just a few of the entries we received, showcasing the variety of amazing courses:

No joke, for the past 4 weeks the whole 7taps team has learned SO MUCH from our community of creators.

We studied zero waste by Glen Wild, web accessibility by Anita Kumar, and Braille usage by Donald Benson. We even discussed these two courses in our weekly meeting:

Trust us, you’d nail any Trivia night after going through all the topics! There are also some guides to nourish your well-being, too:

Let’s talk skill-building

And, if you fancy acquiring some specific skills or helping with a career move, we’ve got courses for that, too:

Pretty it up!

We won’t lie, meticulously designed submissions made our hearts leap. We know how hard it is to find a set of matching illustrations that would enhance visual comprehension for people with a bit of perfectionism or a thing for aesthetics. Take a look at this awesome course created by Shirleen (Lin) Wong:

Don’t forget to giggle

All the submissions show us that the industry has finally changed and it aims to understand and motivate learners. These bits of information are incredibly different from anything you’d imagine when hearing a course a couple of years ago. They are witty, intelligent, hilarious, and insightful. If this is the future of the learning industry, we are there for it!

Now, a little something to ease you back into work mode:

Top Tips To Boost Your Team’s Motivation by Edina Szabo

Are you as impressed as we are? We are immensely grateful for every course, post and comment shared.

And we are not the only ones that watched and loved the works submitted.

Feel inspired to join the community?
We've just launched the second season of the Contest! Let your imagination run wild and submit your course by June 15th.

See you there!

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