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Build a micro-course to win an iPad Pro or a $500 Amazon voucher

With #7taps course creator contest Season 2.
ipad pro

How can I get one?

Create a course with 7taps on any topic.
Share your course on Linkedin, use the #7taps hashtag and tag @7taps
Submit your course link here until June 15th.
That’s it! In June we’ll give away one iPad Pro and two $500 Amazon vouchers.

Cool, but what is 7taps?

7taps is the way to create, share and track bite-sized courses — in minutes. Each 7taps course has the familiar look of an Instagram Stories, with the ability to add in GIFs, quizzes and audio clips. 7taps makes it fast, pain-free, and (dare we say) fun to  create engaging micro-content.

Who can participate?

Anyone, the contest is 100% inclusive. Whether you are a casual educator, create learning content every day, are a specialist, a student, or you just have something useful to share - 7taps gives you the opportunity to create stunning courses in minutes. No Instructional Design degree necessary.

Past winners

What’s in it for me?

Get your course featured in 7taps

Enhance your freelancer portfolio

Share your knowledge

Contribute to the community

Did we mention iPad Pro and two $500 Amazon vouchers already? 🤔

Who selects the winner?

Stage 1
We will select a shortlist of 4 courses, on our judgement. Also following these criteria:
  • Any resources used in the course are reliable and backed by facts or data.
  • The language you use in your course is respectful and inclusive.
  • The course does not address politics.
  • The course must be original work and not violate anyone’s proprietary or intellectual property rights
Stage 2
On June 16th we'll kick off the voting period on the 7taps LinkedIn page which will last for 2 weeks. The winner, whose course gets the most votes, wins an iPad Pro.
Special Prize
Share your course on LinkedIn for a chance to win one of two $500 Amazon Gift Cards. The persons whose courses get the most likes win.

Frequently asked questions

What should the course be about?

It could literally be any topic. We mean ANY! Take a look at the courses contestants of the Season 1 came up with.

Will my name stay on the course forever?

The way 7taps works is that a user can pick a course from the free library and modify it to better fit their goals, including: removing cards, re-writing text, and also removing information about the original course author. But, the course template in the 7taps library will remain in your name. Read Contest Official Rules.

Can I submit more than one course?

Yes, you can submit as many courses as you want to make.

How long will it take?

Our customers have told us that it takes about 15-20 minutes to build a course in 7taps once you have your content outlined.

Will you sell my course?

No way! Your course will become part of our free library of courses, which is available within the 7taps free Community Edition.

Should the course be in English?

Currently we support only the English language, but we plan to expand this and add a few other languages, follow our twitter and linkedin for updates.

What if I’ve never created a course?

Try it.7taps is super easy and there’s practically no learning curve. So you can focus on your content and 7taps will make it beautiful for you.

Can I win twice?

No. If you won in a previous season, you cannot win for the second time. You've already proven that you make the coolest courses — let's support other authors, too.

Why are we doing this?

7taps makes people’s lives easier (not to say 7taps is a free-forever tool). We want more people to learn about it.

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We want to support independent authors. You have something valuable to say and we want to help you say it.

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