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"7taps LMS allows me to slip in training that almost feels like entertainment. People enjoy the images and gifs so much they don't realize they're being taught something."
Laura Coulter
"The app works great and fills a nice niche for making fun engaging microlearning quickly, without having to spend lots of time in more complicated software."
Brendan Cox, Design Consultant for eLearning
"We have used just about every online LMS / educational SaaS or online course creation software at one point or another - and 7taps is not only a super timely and innovative product - it's a ton of fun - and addictively easy to use."
Ian Hollander
"Super simple interface, virtually no learning curve, very easy to edit and add content, extremely useful for this type of quick microlearning course development."
Helen Bailey, Learning Experience Designer
"7taps LMS makes microlearning easy, fun, and accessible to anyone. There's no time-consuming start-up process, profile creation, or login. I love the easy tap and swipe functions that make using 7taps so effortless and fun!"
Hayley Steinberg, eLearning Designer & Developer
"7taps makes creating microlearning courses a snap. Its simplicity is a strength. Its constraints help the learning designer to focus on the most important content on each slide."
Jordan Hopkins, Copywriter & Content Marketer
"It let me create a very focused, practical, and engaging micro-course with minimal authoring time and effort."
Billy Wilson, Sr. Technical Officer, Nuclear Training (eLearning)
"People love clicking through 7taps courses to see what's next - all while actively learning."
Cheryl Oberlin, Coaching Teachers Pivoting to the Corporate World