Enjoy the Keynotes and Session Recordings from Microlearning CONF

Microlearning Conf turned out to be one of the most engaging and enlightening events of 2021 with more than 1200 guests, tons of value, and 100% digital magic.
Christopher Lind
Globally recognized, digital-first leader in learning and workplace technology with a career at the intersection of people, business, and technology. Chief Learning Officer @ ChenMed. Founder of Learning Sharks. Host of Learning Tech Talks. Devoted husband and father of 6, 10 and under.

01. The What, Why, and How of Microlearning

  • What is microlearning and what is it not?
  • Why is microlearning beneficial to integrate yet seems so challenging to incorporate?
  • How can L&D departments and professionals have success with microlearning?

02. Evaluating Microlearning Assets and Programs

  • Recommendations for evaluating individual microlearning assets
  • Recommendations for evaluating microlearning programs
  • How to consider asset usage and learner performance in the evaluation process

03. Addressing business needs with microlearning

  • When to use microlearning
  • Inspiring and unsuccessful microlearning cases
  • Actionable how-to guide

04. Tips for creating infographics to tell better stories

  • What's an infographic
  • How to map a structure and illustrate your story
  • How to find a theme and visual design approach
  • How to find the right tools to create your infographic

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