We are 7taps

Just like you, we got tired of struggling with complicated eLearning platforms. Like your learners, we've had enough of clicking "Next" to continue. So we made something better. Our approach is based on the following principles:
Shorter attention span is the new normal

This is what’s driving the never-ending need for «more engaging learning». That’s what makes 7taps microlearning approach critical for today’s educators and trainers.

Good learning is a blend of experiences

Certain eLearning solutions are best for different scenarios. 7taps isn’t meant to replace all other learning platforms. But it will become a great companion to the tools you’re already using.

Educator experience should be smooth

Watching a 4-hour tutorial to learn the basics of a tool is not smooth. Installing an app on your desktop is not easy. Getting started with 7taps is a breeze: 20 seconds to sign up online and you’re all set.

No extra graphic design jobs

With 7taps, the only design decision you need to make is to pick one of the pre-made themes or create your own branded one in a minute. No need to call on your inner Picasso; focus on the content and leave the design appeal to us.

Learner experience should be smooth

Requiring app downloads or sign-ups is a barrier to learning. With 7taps, learners dive into a course in a click and start learning immediately — in a familiar environment. No download, signup, or tutorial needed.

Uncompromised mobility

Most eLearning tools’ default mode is a 16:9 «PowerPoint» canvas... so NOT mobile-friendly. 7taps is born mobile while adaptive to desktop. Your course will look great on any device.

Meet the team

Our team is small but mighty. We’re from diverse cultures, countries, and backgrounds but we have a shared vision for this journey — making it easy, fast, and enjoyable to share knowledge and learn. Would you like to join us? Email at hello@7taps. com
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Kate Udalova
Co-founder · CPO
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Zach Roberts
VP Sales & Customer Success
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Elena Obolonskaia
Head of Growth
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Ezra Charm
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Pavel Kalashnikov
Co-founder · Head of R&D
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Vladimir Udalov
Co-founder · CEO
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Chris Sukonchenko
Quality assurance & product analyst ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Nikita Volkonskiy
Head of Design
And our most important team members, of course, are all of you! We continue to develop 7taps according to your needs and concerns. And we strive to help you no matter where you’re at in your microlearning adventure.

From startups to the world’s largest companies

We're proud to serve 12,000+ companies of all sizes, providing a hands-on L&D experience, flexibility, and enthusiasm. We’re here to help you transform eLearning into something your employees actually want to use, not something they’re forced to deal with.

Security, privacy, transparency

We take your data privacy seriously. That’s why we never sell it, share it, or use it in any way. With 7taps, you can expect transparency and respect at every step of the way.

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