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Frequently asked

Can I pull a report on learner performance?

Sure. When you’re sharing a course via email or SMS, you can generate granular per-learner reports with course open rates, completion rates, and quiz scores. If you’re sharing a course via link or QR code, you can only generate aggregated stats for that course.

Where are my 7taps courses stored?

All 7taps data is stored in secure AWS data centers in the US. Read more.

Do I have to install anything or talk to IT?

No! You can do all your 7taps through your web browser.

Is 7taps a learning management system?

Yes. 7taps is a browser-based LMS, which allows you to create and share courses (via email, SMS, QR, or link) with learners and generate per-learner stats. 7taps offers unparalleled engagement and better learning outcomes without an overwhelming list of features.

Can I try 7taps for free? Do you offer a free trial?

7taps has a forever-free plan, you can use it in your company or for personal projects — free of charge. Give it a try.

Will 7taps work on my device?

The 7taps course builder  works on all modern browsers with nothing to download or install. Courses can be opened either on a smartphone, PC or Mac; no pre-installed app is needed.

Can I export a 7taps course to another LMS

Most our clients use 7taps as a standalone tool to augment their existing training strategy, because 7taps reaches learners where an LMS fails:

  • learners access content in 1-click on any device;
  • no apps, no logins are needed.

This speed and barrier-free access to training materials is critical to the concept of microlearning.

But, there is a way to incorporate 7taps into your LMS — you can embed 7taps course into your LMS via iframe or link.

Will my data be private and safe?

Yes. It’s our top priority to ensure that everything is created and delivered safely. Take a look at the security measures we take to protect your data here.

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