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Frequently asked

How is 7taps different from other microlearning vendors?

7taps pioneered the concept of effective microlearning implementation in the enterprise L&D landscape four years ago, and we continue to dominate this space. Unlike other vendors who might hand you a tool without a roadmap, we're here to guide you through the intricacies, ensuring you harness the true potential of microlearning. We uniquely offer lightning-fast, high-quality microlearning creation that enables you to connect with learners anywhere through versatile sharing options. Moreover, 7taps' science-driven methodology ensures not only effective knowledge absorption but also enduring retention.

Is 7taps an LMS?

7taps encompasses all the functionality typically found in an LMS like: creation, hosting, content delivery, learner management, and analytics. However, it's essential to note that 7taps is intentionally designed with a specific focus on microlearning. This specialization results in several advantages, including the most rapid creation of content, quick deployment of training materials, immediate learner engagement with no barriers, and instant tracking capabilities.Enterprise companies use 7taps to enhance their existing learning toolsets, while small and medium-sized businesses find it beneficial as a standalone solution.

You don't charge by learner count, right?

That's absolutely correct. Unlike other e-learning vendors, we do not charge per learner, and there's no minimum commitment required in terms of the number of learners to start using any of our 7taps plans. We aim to simplify the entire process for you, so you won't need to calculate how many employees are in your organization or department, nor do you need to constantly update those numbers.Furthermore, with 7taps, there are no price ranges or hidden costs. We offer a straightforward, flat pricing structure, ensuring transparency and predictability in your expenses.

What happens if I cancel my plan?

If you decide to cancel your plan, here's what happens:

a) If you have paid for your first month of service, when downgrading to the Free plan, you will retain the ability to share one course of your choice. Other courses will remain intact in your dashboard with sharing turned off.

b) If you cancel your first-month subscription and request a refund, we will deactivate your account. In this case, you will lose access to all the courses you created.

How does the trial work?

During the trial period, which you automatically receive for free after signing up for 7taps (no credit card required), you will have the opportunity to experience all the functionality of the 7taps Enterprise plan. Additionally, we'd like to offer a free personal microlearning tour for you and your team, during which we can guide you through the platform, showcase its features, share relevant case studies, and help you get started with implementing microlearning effectively. This hands-on approach ensures you make the most out of your trial experience and explore how 7taps can benefit your organization.

How do you ensure data safety and privacy?

At 7taps, we understand the importance of safeguarding your personal and business information, so we go above and beyond to ensure its protection and secure handling. You can find detailed information about the security measures we take to protect your data by visiting our dedicated page on data safety and privacy.

What does your support service look like?

At 7taps, our support service is unrivaled in the industry. Whether you need assistance with understanding how our product features work or require support in implementing a microlearning strategy within your organization, we are here to help.Unlike other platforms that rely on automated bots, our product chat is staffed by real people who are ready to assist you within minutes of your request. Your success and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we are dedicated to ensuring you have a seamless and productive experience with 7taps.

How does 7taps integrate microlearning into the flow of work?

7taps excels at integrating microlearning into the flow of work by providing the fastest, barrier-free access for learners. With just one click, learners can instantly engage with microlearning content on platforms like Slack, MS Teams, and WhatsApp. QR codes offer real-time access to valuable information when needed most. Additionally, 7taps supports sharing via live links, emails, and SMS, simplifying distribution across your organization, as well as to customers and partners.Regardless of the chosen delivery option, 7taps ensures seamless access on any device, be it mobile or desktop. Our user-friendly interface resembles social media formats, enhancing the learning experience and diverging from traditional training methods.

While other platforms require app downloads, 7taps does not. Why?

Unlike other platforms that require app downloads, sign-ups, and logins, 7taps prioritizes a streamlined microlearning experience. We aim to remove any obstacles for learners, ensuring they can access valuable content instantly without any unnecessary steps.

Are 7taps courses only for mobile devices?

7taps content is accessible on a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. The layout of 7taps cards is designed to ensure that the content is readable and digestible on screens of various sizes. It automatically adjusts to the device your learners are using at the moment. As a creator, you don't need to customize or create separate versions of your content for various platforms.

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