Press & Media

About 7taps with Kate Udalova
with Betty Dannewitz
Listen in as Betty chat with Kate Udalova about 7taps, being a female founder, and how marketing can influence L&D.
Diving into a New Year and Microlearning
with Holly Owens
If you've thought about the future of learning, it's here! Holly sits down with Kate Udalova in the new episode of EdUp EdTech.
Anchored in Learning
with Vanessa Alzate
Vanessa goes over all the things you need to know about 7Taps in her detailed review.
Share Whatcha Learned: Journeys in Instructional Design
by Amy Petricek
Kate Udalova shares what she's been learning about microlearning.
Using Constraints to Build a Micro Learning Product
Kate Udalova talks about her principles and values when leading the team and building the product.
Learning Tech Talks
with Christopher Lind
Talking about the ways 7taps addresses the REAL challenges with snackable learning and uncompromised mobility that fits with within a preexisting eLearning ecosystem.
Wonder Tools
by Jeremy Caplan
7taps featured among resources for efficiency & creativity as a new way to create small lessons. Detailed review.
The Overnight Trainer
with Sarah Cannistra
How both new and seasoned L&D professionals can use 7taps and what are the main challenges in the microlearning space.
with Leslie Early
Kate and Leslie discuss the surprising ways in which 7taps is being used and answer questions about microlearning.
Microlearning with 7taps Founder Kate Udalova
Chat with Kate Udalova about microlearning principles and the story of 7taps
Mobile learning is the future
What if learning was as easy as using social media? Jonathan Carbin features 7taps in his newsletter.
Microlearning, QR codes, and bats
Vandalism, charity, bats and the most creative 7taps use case.
7taps® Pro or Rookie?
Is the 7taps product professional enough for big business? A detailed review of 7taps Pro by Cheryl Oberlin.
7taps® is all it Takes: Trendy Microlearning
Cheryl Oberlin speaking about trends in 2021, trivia cards, and boring corporate training
A New Hero In Town
E-Learning developer, Ridvan Saglam, writes about the need and value of rapid authoring tools and his experience with 7taps
My 7Taps Review
An engaging walk-trough of the 7taps Community Free Edition
TLDC Community Showcase
with Luis Malbas
Kate Udalova talks to Luis Malbas, Founder of the The Training, Learning, and Development Community and Conference.
The Blend
with Brendan Cox
In this episode Kate's revealing some secrets of how 7taps was created and the challenges she faced along the journey.
How Might We Podcast
with Scott Hunter
How Might We leverage microlearning for better results and how microlearning can be effective in delivering just-in-time solutions.
BLOC Podcast
with Heidi Kirby
Heidi and Kate talk about how Kate came up with the idea of 7taps, some of the great features, and the 7taps course creation contest.
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