7taps Microlearning in press & media

Learn why top learning and development experts rank 7taps as the most powerful yet easiest-to-use microlearning platform.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Instructional Design
with Professor Karl Kapp
The video shines a spotlight on 7taps and its integration of AI in instructional design tools for microlearning.
5 ways to use microlearning as part of tech training
with Brian T. Horowitz
Kate Udalova, founder of 7taps, has provided her insights on how microlearning can be utilized for tech training.
Microlearning madness with 7taps
with Christopher Lind
Get a glimpse into the future of microlearning and 7taps potential to revolutionize the way people absorb knowledge.
What do you get when you combine microlearning + AI?
with Brian Washburn
Learn more about how 7taps has pioneered the use of AI in the creation of microlearning content.
How to create killer microlearning assets with 7taps
with Sarah Cannistra
Explore the cutting-edge ways companies are leveraging microlearning with 7taps for their training & development needs.
Why 7taps is the best microlearning tool out there
with Jeremy Caplan
An insightful exploration into microlearning with 7taps and its transformative impact on corporate training.
Microlearning with cognitive science principles
with Nidhi Sachdeva
Delve into the creative world of micro-lessons and explore the fascinating process behind their design.
How can AI support microlearning
with Jason Gulya
Discover how AI can be leveraged to support on-the-job and just-in-time training,using 7taps — #1 platform for microlearning.
The benefits of microlearning with 7taps
with Fergus Ryan
Join the LinkedIn event to meet 7taps founder Kate Udalova and learn why companies worldwide rank it #1 for microlearning.
7taps: the next big thing for microlearning
Why 7taps is a top choice for delivering a seamless, effective, and user-friendly microlearning experiences.
About 7taps with Kate Udalova
with Betty Dannewitz
Listen in as Betty chat with Kate Udalova about 7taps, being a female founder, and how marketing can influence L&D.
7taps Microlearning for Instructional Design
with Kimberly Goh
How to create quick training experiences, mobile-friendly job aids, and just in time learning resources with 7taps.

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