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Microlearning made easy

Create mobile-first courses, summaries, follow-ups in 15 minutes. 7taps complements your existing eLearning ecosystem and communication toolkit
I already designed my course in less than 15 minutes!
A few clicks and one microlearning story was ready!
Finally, eLearning product that doesn’t take a specialist to use.

Got tired of using complicated platforms?

7taps allows you to focus on enabling learners reach instead of trying to be wrapped up in the technicalities of a tool. Deliver outcomes fast!
Mobile-first, always-engaging

7taps is born mobile, while adaptive to desktop. Amplify engagement using GIFs, micro-podcasts, and quizzes.

Easy on the eyes, easy to design

7taps doesn’t take much work on your end as everything is already pre-designed for you. Courses will look great on any device.

No passwords, no downloads

Once you’ve shared a course via secure link or email, learners will dive in it in a click. No app, no sign-in required.

Simple to use, available to everyone

Given you already have a topic in mind, it takes 15 minutes to create a course. Even if you don’t have an instructional design degree.

Use cases & free templates

Use 7taps for pre/post-training, for performance support, or as a stand-alone tool to train frontline staff with basic Dos, Don’ts and How-tos.

Microlearning 101

Microlearning is not about condensing but rather chunking content. We’ve created instructions to make it easier for you to get started.

Kate Udalova
Founder and CPO

7taps transforms eLearning into something your employees want to use, not something they’re forced to deal with.

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Frequently asked questions

Is 7taps a learning management system?

In a way, yes. 7taps is a stripped down learning management system (LMS) focusing on the two most important metrics: engagement and outcomes. 7taps offers unparalleled engagement and better learning outcomes without an overwhelming list of features.

Do I have to install anything or talk to IT?

No! You can do all your 7taps through your web browser.

Do I (or my learners) need the Instagram app pre-installed?

No. 7taps is an independent web app. Neither you, nor your learners need Instagram. All you need to create a course is a browser and the internet. The 7taps course builder works on any computer. For learners, courses can be opened on a smartphone, tablets, PC, or Mac.

Can I try 7taps for free? Do you offer a free trial?

7taps Community Edition is free forever, you can use it in your company or for personal projects — free of charge. Give it a try

Will 7taps work on my device?

The 7taps course builder is a desktop web-app, which works on all modern browsers with nothing to download or install. Courses can be opened either on a smartphone, PC or Mac; no pre-installed app is needed.

Will my data be private and safe?

Yes. It’s our top priority to ensure that everything is created and delivered safely. Take a look at the security measures we take to protect your data here.

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