Enhancing new hire onboarding process with microlearning

New hire onboarding
Custom solutions for Capital Management and Life Science companies to secure and scale their technology
Computer and Network Security
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)
Lisa Nguyen
Learning & Development Specialist

Pliancy, a white-glove IT consultancy, adopted 7taps Learning Paths to digitize and automate their onboarding process. Before 7taps, the initial training was provided in person on zoom calls. With the rapid growth of the company, it was taking up hours of management time, and the process couldn’t be scaled.

7taps helped pack all the essential information in bite-sized digestible pieces that later formed a learning path —a chain of onboarding courses delivered to newcomers every 2-3 working days. No delays with the training. No scheduling conflicts.

Pliancy onboarded 28 people with this 7taps feature and they now are looking at more ways to utilize it for other processes.

We especially like the GIFs (people love them!) and the fact that courses can be easily shared on Slack or embedded into our LMS.

How others benefit from 7taps

You can create content on the fly as a follow up to training and or meetings so the content is relevant. I have been able to remind the staff with quick bites of content how to follow a new process and remind them of performance-related goals for the month. Month over month, we see improvement of KPI's.
Dan Ballasy
Director of Training Operations, VIP Auto Group of Long Island
I used 7taps to help internal teams reconnect as they returned to the office. The humor was helpful when pointing out strong messages like clean up after yourself!
Jennifer Cozine
Training Manager, Built Technologies
We’re getting rid of paper SOPS and putting it into fun bite-sized pieces.
Perla Peralta
VP of Events at BirdieBox

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