Empowering people from rural areas with knowledge via microlearning

Grameen Foundation
Global nonprofit dedicated to enabling the poor, especially women, to create a world without poverty and hunger
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Bobbi Gray
Research Director

Grameen Foundation works with a global network of local partners to empower the poor, especially women, with access to resources and information that enable them to escape poverty. We develop education for our partners to engage their communities on topics like entrepreneurial skills, financial literacy, and more recently on child labor and gender-based violence. When COVID-19 hit, like many other organizations, we wanted to provide our partners with online training capabilities and we dived more deeply into remote training solutions.

Grameen Community Agents often work in rural areas with low literacy levels, limited internet connections, and people may only have a basic knowledge of technology. People may not have emails or own their own phones, which makes setting up basic profile information for accessing digital learning platforms challenging.

7taps came into the picture when we looked for a simple training tool that could run on any digital device without requiring the user to set up an account or store an application on their phone which can take up valuable space on their device and therefore reduce cost for accessing content.

7taps courses are short, visually appealing, and easy to produce and access. Navigation is straightforward and well familiar to learners from using social media. It also features AI-generated videos that help to read out the text when it comes to illiterate audiences. For instance, for a training module in Latin America, we chose an AI-avatar that resembled a local woman to convey introductory information to various learning sessions.

QR codes placed onsite of a financial service provider or another partner or shared via Whatsapp from community agent to learners help easily scale use of the education. No sign-ups and downloads make it easy to rapidly educate our field staff and learners.

How others benefit from 7taps

We use 7taps to provide guidance to country offices around the world. The Learning Passport is officially launched in 24 countries and counting. After working with a lot of dense reports and PDFs, 7taps micro-courses are so refreshing. They help to deliver information in a quick easy way that is digestible and engaging.
Dr. Dawn DiPeri
Learning Passport Global Content Management Specialist
7taps is a new tool for international development! We’ve developed a course in trauma-informed interviewing techniques for law enforcement agencies in Central Asia that work with survivors of human trafficking. 7taps serves as a post-instructional micro-learning module for this training in different languages. The learners may easily review the material on smartphone weeks or months after the instruction or immediately before conducting an interview. I especially like that the app is easily accessible via a shared link and does not require logging into an LMS.
Dr. Daniel Leitch
Instructional Designer, Project for United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

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