Rethinking store employee training: microlearning for retail

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Giorgio Armani
Italian luxury fashion house
Retail Apparel and Fashion
Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)
Sebastian Ammendolia
Retail Learning And Development Specialist

Armani is one of the world’s leading fashion and luxury goods groups with over 8,000  employees, more than 2500 boutiques spanning 60 countries around the world.

COVID has made us re-think how we communicate and learn in the workplace. At the peak of COVID I had a captive audience of just under 200 in Australia.

I was looking for a spaced training solution that would enable the creation of online learning content quickly, be user friendly to team members and enable us to confirm completion and participation rates.  

“7taps has been instrumental in delivering the desired outcome for our Australian business.“

We have utilized 7taps to deliver a suite of courses on Mental Health and Compliance training including Staying Safe at Work, Working with Policies, Emergency Procedures, and the ACCC.

The avatar function and quick quiz templates have proven to be invaluable during the design and delivery phase. Also, we appreciate the option to share 7taps mini-courses via emails — this directly correlates with our employee database.

Giorgio Armani. Challis House, Sydney. Alexander Mayes Photography.
“We want to make a difference in the way we approach training, create a learning culture that is fun, quick and consistent in delivery.”  

I am currently working on developing content for products and seasonal collection training.  I’m excited to build in-depth training for our seasonal collections as they arrive. The training will include videos from fashion shows, product details on fabrication and color and inspiration behind the collection. We will utilize 7taps for knowledge reinforcement and workplace practice activities.

Emporio Challis House, Sydney. LinkedIn

The team in Milan were impressed with our activities in Australia and with 7taps. With AI avatars speaking different languages and the platform’s adaptability for different markets, there is potential across our European and Asian markets.

How others benefit from 7taps

We have found 7taps especially helpful in our retail organization when we need to share quick promos, updates, or reminders to our store-level employees.
Lindsey Shepard
Learning & Development Leader, Buff City Soap
You can create content on the fly as a follow up to training and or meetings so the content is relevant. I have been able to remind the staff with quick bites of content how to follow a new process and remind them of performance-related goals for the month. Month over month, we see improvement of KPI's.
Dan Ballasy
Director of Training Operations, VIP Auto Group of Long Island

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