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Continuous learning
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Glenn Smith
Learning & Development Manager

I’m passionate about providing people the opportunity to be their best selves on the job and throughout their careers. I focus on developing content that is modern, accessible, and equitable. At Nextbite I create and lead internal training that’s available for the entire organization to enable all colleagues to consistently grow and upskill.

I enjoy using 7taps to support continuous learning in the workplace and communicate recent changes in company policies. Also, it is a great asset for change management.

Here’s what I like most about the tool:

  • 7taps helps set the table for new initiatives in an informal and friendly manner.
  • Courses are short, light, and fun, but they do the job. People know what to expect and they appreciate it.

Some examples of how we benefit from microlearning with 7taps at Nextbite:

1. Pre-training

If I bring people together for a workshop, I want to make sure they are prepared, so we can hit the ground running. Time is a valuable commodity! So, I send a 7taps teaser in Slack to introduce a subject ahead of time and provide participants with foundational info on things that will be covered in the workshop. 7taps helps me to build up excitement and set the tone for discussions.

2. Following-up

I follow up on learning events with 7taps reminders to reinforce the acquired knowledge. This way we introduced training on providing feedback, fair hiring practices, and performance review conversations.

3. Communicating updates

For instance, a few months ago we decided to implement Meeting-free Fridays. I created a micro-course explaining benefits of the new setup, answering common questions, and sharing tips on how to adopt the new practice.

Nextbite Kitchen team. Source:

How others benefit from 7taps

You can create content on the fly as a follow up to training and or meetings so the content is relevant. I have been able to remind the staff with quick bites of content how to follow a new process and remind them of performance-related goals for the month. Month over month, we see improvement of KPI's.
Dan Ballasy
Director of Training Operations, VIP Auto Group of Long Island
We're using 7taps as timely refreshers to ensure knowledge acquired is exercised. One of the main benefits is its asynchronous nature, making it possible for people to complete it when best for them.
Maria Pujol
Learning & Development Partner

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