Addressing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion with design and microlearning

Inclusive design
Limerick School of Art and Design
One of Europe’s leading fine art, design, and creative media schools
Gianna Tasha Tomasso

Embedding Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) principles is a fundamental element in my teaching philosophy. I use every opportunity to encourage inclusive design practices and promote an understanding of diversity and equality. One key aim I have for my MA Interdisciplinary Design students is that they enter the employment market as inclusive designers.

After using 7taps for my own instructional design practice I chose it as an easy solution to our EDI project. It worked perfectly for us - even the students who were not tech savvy understood how to utilize the tool quickly and effectively within minutes. Each student researched and produced a 7taps output related to an EDI issue as part of their Situated Design class. Then they designed and produced creative artefacts on which their QR codes would be embedded.

Niamh Twomey designed an output which presented micro-learning content on LGBTQ+ flags, on becoming an LGBTQ+ Ally, and on LGBTQ+ resources offered within the college campus. The cube is designed to be colorful and eye-catching. It was situated within the canteen and at other prominent social locations on campus.
Therana Thong designed an artefact that lead to a 7taps micro-learning output that presented challenges faced when it comes to accessibility for those who have different types of partial sightedness.

7taps is a great way to communicate ideas, concepts, and content. All the 2022 cohort of students found it easy to master and enjoyed the creative process.

How others benefit from 7taps

I used 7taps to engage families taking a nature trail at Remake Learning Days event in Pittsburgh. I made several courses with videos, fun facts, and quizzes about objects, flora, and fauna along the trail and placed them as QR codes on signposts. People interacted with the signs as they walked learning something new and having fun.
Stacie Isenberg
Instructional Technology Coach
Freeport Area School District
Massive time saver for myself and really accessible content for my users. I'm looking forward to using this for pre and post-learning to help deliver more effective learning sessions to transfer learning to behaviors.
Simon King
Learning and Development Partner at Prezzo Ltd

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