Providing professional development to teachers using microlearning

Freeport Area School District
Highly rated, public school district located in SARVER, PA.
Stacie Isenberg
Instructional Technology Coach

I design and implement ongoing professional development sessions for roughly 150 teachers. Courses cover technology integration, onboarding for newly purchased software or equipment, engagement strategies, and more.

Education is rapidly changing, starving for better ways and resources to develop and provide training. I came across 7taps when looking for ways to educate teachers that don’t have time to sit through or read endless materials and memos. The time it took me to make the first 7taps course work was under 30 minutes. I could quickly create short bursts of info that are appealing to the eye and catch my learners’ attention.

I recently made a 10 days countdown drip campaign delivering digestible info-bites on everything that should be done before the end of school. When teachers need to engage with 27 different platforms to wrap up accounts, return licenses, unsync courses or collect stuff from students, 7taps allows them to get all the essential information through a link in an email, without logging in to yet another system. They like that micro-courses are quick to complete.

I also used 7taps to engage families taking a nature trail at the Remake Learning Days event in Pittsburgh. I made several courses with videos, fun facts, and quizzes about objects, flora, and fauna along the trail and placed them as QR codes on signposts. People engaged with the signs as they walked, learning something new and having fun.

How others benefit from 7taps

I explored other options, but 7taps is my clear choice for ease of use, design, and integration. I use it for creating microlearning elements that connect to deeper engagement activities.
Greg Salyer
Chief Academic Officer
I have used 7taps for professional development courses with faculty and staff. It is a nice alternative for chunking out small amounts of content into short learning modules or pre-workshop content.
Emily Wilson
Academic Instructional Technologist, Wake Forest University

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