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Swedish manufacturer of products for pets
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)
Łukasz Gierdalski
Product Trainer

At Husse we provide convenient home delivery of the goods by growing a network of franchisees and distributors worldwide. I stumbled upon 7taps Microlearning, when I was looking for a new training tool with less content while being accessible on the go. 

What happened that made me feel certain it was right for me? Everything is super easy. And that’s so fun!

Now, we use 7taps for partner education explaining the competitive advantage of the product and cases when it’s the best choice for the end customer. Also, 7taps enables me to address smaller training needs —something too small to make them a topic of a full-sized webinar. 

We ran a survey for 24 companies trained with 7taps Microlearning as a complement to the current training offer. Responders pointed out attending a micro-course anytime without an app or sign-in required as the main advantage. They also stated that product information delivered in the form of micro-courses is easier to memorize.

How others benefit from 7taps

We have found 7taps especially helpful in our retail organization when we need to share quick promos, updates, or reminders to our store-level employees.
Lindsey Shepard
Learning & Development Leader, Buff City Soap
After dense PDFs, 7taps courses are refreshing. They help to deliver information in a quick easy to read/listen/watch way that is digestible.
Dr. Dawn DiPeri
Learning Passport Global Content Management Specialist

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