Utilizing microlearning to re-energize online learning conference

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Kate Udalova
Creator, MicrolearningCONF

We used 7taps to deliver a couple of pre-training bites to entice the audience before the event and also delivered a series of follow-ups afterwards.

As a starting point, our goal was to create a sense of anticipation and excitement among the attendees. So we sent out a funny code of conduct that turned out to have a 98% completion rate. People really enjoyed the fresh take on pre-event communication.

Just before the conference started, we gave another nugget with helpful information about logistics and the schedule. We learned from prior events and decided to answer FAQs in advance. The nugget was placed right on the welcome screen so that everyone could scan the QR code when logging into the conference platform.

Finally, we re-introduced the concepts delivered at the event via a series of 7taps follow-ups. Check one of them out and explore 7taps from a learner's point of view.

Our guests really enjoyed the experience and shared tons of positive feedback with us. They found using 7taps an efficient but engaging way to help learners retain knowledge and enthusiastically picked up on our approach.

How others benefit from 7taps

I am using 7taps to drive signups for events and learning opportunities, onboard new volunteers, and provide how-to guides for project tools. I am able to identify pain points for learners pretty quickly and adapt learning plans to respond.
Sarah Brown
Project Manager, Learning Experience Designer
I used 7taps to create guides for gaming events and educate people on what to do/expect when they signed up. It also allowed me to reach a wider audience, because I could post the link on social media very easily and it looked professional.
Stephen Maddison
Community Specialist, Juni

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