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United Nations Children’s Fund
Humanitarian aid org
Dr. Dawn DiPeri
Learning Passport Global Content Management Specialist

I read others raving about 7taps. It fits the learning theories I learned in my doctoral program. I knew a rapid authoring tool would be a good fit for my faculty and corporate training needs.

Now at UNICEF, we use 7taps to provide guidance to country offices around the world. The Learning Passport is officially launched in 24 countries and counting.

I create job aids on finding the right digital assets and learning resources, tips for their evaluation, curriculum mapping basics, and other related topics.

After working with a lot of dense reports and PDFs, 7taps micro-courses are so refreshing. They help to deliver information in a quick easy way that is digestible and engaging. I also love the AI programmable characters and the ability to translate easily —that's important for our organization.

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How others benefit from 7taps

7taps is a new tool for international development! We’ve developed a course in trauma-informed interviewing techniques for law enforcement agencies in Central Asia that work with survivors of human trafficking. 7taps serves as a post-instructional micro-learning module for this training in different languages. The learners may easily review the material on smartphone weeks or months after the instruction or immediately before conducting an interview. I especially like that the app is easily accessible via a shared link and does not require logging into an LMS.
Dr. Daniel Leitch
Instructional Designer, Project for United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

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