Reaching a large professional community with microlearning

Community training
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Karthick Richard
eLearning Designer

I work with a team that's quite enthusiastic about exploring different avenues to support the learning needs of our members. We launched 7taps microlearning courses, podcasts, and good-old-fashioned eLearning versions of clinical cases that help all types of learners among medical professionals. Clinical Cases comprise pictures, diagrams and include descriptions of diagnosis, prognosis, treatment options, and patient outcomes.

The 7taps versions are crisp, containing only essential information for that case. Our learners can click a link or scan a QR code using a phone camera to solve these cases in about 5-10 minutes, as they’re scrolling through social media. And, if they want more information on these cases, if they want to earn CME (Continuing medical education) credits, or if they find it interesting enough and want to explore the eLearning and podcast versions of these cases, they can do that on the Campus (our LMS).

We like to provide learning opportunities to our learners without dragging them into an LMS and these QR Cases are perfect for that objective. It also makes discussions and sharing easy within the larger community of hematology professionals instead of restricting it to our members. These QR Cases, like case studies in other fields, are a great way to learn from the experience of others.

How others benefit from 7taps

The tool has allowed us to turn training resources around in a much quicker manner. We've sent out some company-wide trainings through this platform and the feedback has been really positive. 7taps presentations are easy to create and share through a variety of mediums that work on mobile devices and pc's & laptops.
Paul Shaw
Director, Learning & Development
CHG Healthcare
Everyone at the company is so busy there's very little time for training. 7taps allows me to slip in training that almost feels like entertainment. People enjoy the images and gifs so much they don't realize they're being taught something. And those images connect to the words and make people recall them a bit easier.
Laura Coulter
Elearning Specialist
Raintree Systems

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