Adopting microlearning for corporate communication and training

Corporate communication
Diversity and Inclusion
Leadership training   
CHG Healthcare
Leader in healthcare staffing and locum tenens service provider
Staffing and Recruiting
Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)
Jake Stidham
Learning and Development Manager

We adopted 7taps to support corporate learning and communication at our organization a year ago. Thanks to its simplicity and the framework that saves time spent on content creation, we found it impactful for several activities within the company.

Diversity and Inclusion Training

We promote DEI through storytelling in 7taps across all CHG divisions - approx. 4000 employees. We utilize videos to educate on DEI subjects and we share stories of people with diverse backgrounds via pictures and GIFs.

Corporate communication

We actively use 7taps for communication campaigns. It helps spread company-wide announcements and updates in no time.

Leadership Training

We develop microlearning materials for leadership training provided to more than 900 managers. Time is a crucial resource for this group of learners that’s why we turned to 7taps as the quickest way to deliver information.

Recaps and follow-ups for learning events

We create 7taps follow-ups after in-person training or virtual classes providing learners with recaps and links to additional resources. The engagement with learning materials has doubled. People indeed click 7taps links - to sign up for another training or download resources.

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How others benefit from 7taps

7taps allows us to provide learning opportunities without dragging learners into an LMS. It makes discussions and sharing easy.
Karthick Richard
eLearning Designer
Everyone at the company is so busy there's very little time for training. 7taps allows me to slip in training that almost feels like entertainment. People enjoy the images and gifs so much they don't realize they're being taught something. And those images connect to the words and make people recall them a bit easier.
Laura Coulter
Elearning Specialist
Raintree Systems
With 7taps we deliver just-in-time learning to leaders and team members. When people saw courses the response was “Wow, we’re in the future”.
Julie Anderson McKee
Director, Learning and Development
Inova Health System

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