Top safety topics for work to enhance your training strategy

April 15, 2024


Kate Udalova

Learn how 7taps microlearning can enhance your safety training strategy and receive a free ready-to-use microlearning template for your upcoming project.
Top safety topics for work to enhance your training strategy

Content of safety topics for work:

  1. Challenges in workplace safety training
  2. Solution: implementing microlearning
  3. Examples of microlearning on safety topics for work: PPE, Hazard Communication, Emergency Response, Fall Protection, Machine Guarding, Ergonomic, Electrical Safety, Kitchen Safety.
  4. What other safety topics you can use
  5. How to create engaging workplace safety training
  6. Bonus: expert tips on creating engaging training
  7. Useful resources

Safety topics for work and their challenges

It is critical that all employees are aware of safety topics for work. This makes work safer, promotes correct equipment use, and speeds up issue reporting and resolution, creating a better workplace.

The problem is that people find training on safety topics for work boring and long. Construction workers are busy and have little time for training. Office workers typically feel safe in their jobs and don't understand the importance of knowing how to act during an emergency. This can lead to a lack of urgency and complacency in safety training.

Solution: implementing microlearning

Implementing quick bite-sized training can be an effective solution.

To improve safety training, add bite-sized microlearning activities to your traditional training activities like eLearning modules, webinars, and online training. Provide regular recaps, follow-ups, and scenario-based microlearning modules to reinforce knowledge and encourage employees to change their behavior. This strategy will help you keep accidents at work to a minimum, which also means less downtime, higher productivity, lower workers' comp costs, and no OSHA fines.

10 microlearning examples on safety topics for work to incorporate into your training strategy today

Our designers made these modules quick and easy to use, so your employees can do them during short breaks or downtime. You can access the training on computers, tablets, and phones with just one click. Also, you don't need logins or apps as a learner.

1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Emphasize the significance of using the right protective gear, known as personal protective equipment (PPE), to safeguard oneself from potential injuries. PPE includes essential items like helmets, gloves, goggles, and shoes.

Recommended free microlearning resources about the importance of using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):


2. Hazard communication

This microlearning module teaches workers the importance of knowing safety labels, MSDS, and other tools to identify and reduce workplace dangers. Additionally, it mentions other tools like safety posters and digital resources that aid in recognizing and mitigating workplace hazards.

Recommended free microlearning resources about the significance of knowing safety labels, MSDS, and other tools for identifying and reducing workplace dangers in the construction industry:

3. Emergency response

Make instructions on what to do in an emergency easier to understand so that everyone knows what to do. Teach people how to use fire extinguishers, where to meet after leaving, and which way to go during an evacuation.

Templates of bite-sized training assets you can use for free:

4. Fall protection

Using safety measures such as barriers, guardrails, and fall arrest systems is important. These measures are helpful in reducing the risk of falling from high places.

Here is an example of a brief instruction on workplace safety measures:


5. Machine guarding

Provide quick instructions on the importance of machine guarding to prevent injuries from moving parts like belts, gears, and blades.

6. Ergonomics

Emphasize the need for proper ergonomics to avoid muscle and bone problems, like lifting correctly and maintaining good posture.

7. Electrical safety

Educate office workers on electrical safety, including identifying dangers, using electrical equipment correctly, and following safe practices. The module includes interactive exercises, engaging visuals, and real-life scenarios, making the learning experience practical and relatable.

This free microlearning module includes interactive exercises, engaging visuals, and real-life scenarios, making the learning experience practical and relatable:

8. Kitchen Safety

Kitchen safety training plays a crucial role in preventing accidents and injuries in the workplace. It should ensure that employees are aware of risks, such as burns, cuts, slips, and falls, and equip them with techniques to prevent accidents.

Bite-sized examples you can include in your safety training for restaurant workers:

💡Discover other effective restaurant training methods in this comprehensive guide.

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9. The basics of first aid

Equip employees with fundamental knowledge to confidently respond to emergencies. In this module, learners will delve into the essential principles of handling common injuries and potentially life-threatening situations.

10. Fatigue & stress management

Fatigue and stress can significantly reduce an employee's ability to focus and concentrate on their work. This quick training asset provides them with strategies to manage and reduce fatigue and stress levels.

11. Cybersecurity awareness

Help employees recognise cyber threats and phishing attempts, teach them to use strong passwords, and keep sensitive data secure

What other safety topics for work you can use

There are numerous safety topics that can be relevant for different workplaces. Here are some common safety topics for work:

  • Hazardous waste disposal: Understanding proper procedures for handling and disposing of hazardous waste materials.
  • Vehicle safety: Safe driving practices and maintenance of company vehicles to prevent accidents.
  • Workplace bullying and harassment: Promoting a respectful and inclusive work environment, and addressing and preventing instances of bullying and harassment.
  • Workplace violence: Recognizing and responding to warning signs, implementing measures to minimize workplace violence.
  • Heat stress: Recognizing and preventing heat-related illnesses, especially in hot work environments.
  • Noise exposure: Awareness of noise hazards and implementation of measures to reduce noise levels and prevent noise-induced hearing loss.
  • Radiation safety: Proper handling and protection against ionizing and non-ionizing radiation sources.

How to create engaging workplace safety training

Use free online learning platforms like 7taps Microlearning. It takes a few clicks to build 1-minute safety topics for the workplace and then share them with your team. 7taps provides you with various ways of reaching your learners where they are:

  • Share your mini-course via link, SMS, email;
  • Share via Slack or Microsoft Teams;
  • Export in SCORM format;
  • Turn a course into a QR code that you can place anywhere;
  • Use other integrations to provide the most frictionless learner experience out there.

And the best part is that your learners don't need to use apps or logins to start the training with the 7taps platform. They simply click on a link and start learning right away, which makes the experience seamless for them.

💡Use QR codes to place information right where it’s needed:

  • job aids at the spot where workers need to perform a task
  • instructions on a piece of equipment
  • bite-sized version of an SOP on the original SOP

Additionally, you can easily utilize the Spaced Learning method in 7taps. All you have to do is select the safety courses you want to share, set a schedule, and add larners. The content will be automatically delivered over time.

BONUS: Get pro tips from a workplace safety expert

In this video, John Morlan teaches how he uses 7taps Microlearning to make compliance courses more interesting and engaging. Learn how to improve safety training, SOP effectiveness, and create a safer workspace with real-life examples. Say goodbye to dull training sessions and hello to an exciting and effective compliance training approach with 7taps!

Resources on safety topics for work and microlearning:

  • Sign up for free and start using the best safety training platform today!
  • Learn how companies like yours promote and reinforce safe topics for work with microlearning in a case study.
  • Learn more about engaging compliance and safety training with the Toolbox Talk Show.
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