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Kelley Robson
Founder, CEO

Pivto Digital Learning is an eLearning company that creates modern digital education experiences for the healthcare industry. Pivto re-thinks tired learning models and delivers education through consumer-focused technology – mobile, micro, and social.  

Our client, a public state mental health agency, created the “Well-Being Playbook” to address the country’s health worker burnout crisis exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The playbook provided guidance on establishing a support program in hospital systems. We enhanced it with microlearning to empower all healthcare clinicians with vital information on mental health in a way that was engaging, easy to use, and available from mobile devices.

We used 7taps to create and distribute continuing medical and nursing education content on key Mental Health topics. Our goal was to cultivate a culture of well-being so clinicians can best care for their patients.

“The nation’s health depends on the well-being of our health workforce. Confronting the long-standing drivers of burnout among our health workers must be a top national priority.” (Source)

First, we produced educational videos on a variety of topics from burnout, apathy, and suicide prevention delivered by healthcare provider educators. Then, the videos were incorporated into individual 7taps lessons that were easily accessible on the go during a typical hospital workday.

Lessons included the key factors associated with burnout including workload, community, and values. They were delivered through text messages, email, and QR codes that were printed on table tents in hospital breakrooms. This eliminated the need for hospital staff to take the time to find a computer station to view the content. People appreciated being able to instantly access the content without logging into a traditional LMS platform.

Courses were delivered statewide to thousands of healthcare workers, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other frontline hospital staff. They were able to click through the content during breaks in their workday in a similar way to how they would engage and scroll through social media.

“Feedback was received that the education felt more like entertainment.”

This education helped to address burnout and encouraged care teams to recapture the joy and purpose of their work. The incorporation of gifs, videos, and images into the 7taps courses improved retention and learners’ satisfaction.

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How others benefit from 7taps

Our team members benefit from mobile, "on-the-go" learning tools. We want to push just-in-time learning to leaders and team members that work in our hospital system. 7taps allows us to create it quickly! We can choose for learners to pull the content with a QR code or push it with SMS.
Julie Anderson McKee
Director, Learning and Development
Inova Health System
Everyone at the company is so busy there's very little time for training. 7taps allows me to slip in training that almost feels like entertainment. People enjoy the images and gifs so much they don't realize they're being taught something. And those images connect to the words and make people recall them a bit easier.
Laura Coulter
Elearning Specialist
Raintree Systems

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