Enhancing existing training strategy with microlearning

Training reinforcement   
Job aids
Field workers training
Leadership training   
Full-service consulting and engineering firm
Consulting and engineering
Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)
Meagan Griffin
Learning Experience Designer

I have introduced several people to 7taps, and they were impressed with it enough that they asked me to buy a Pro subscription for the company to use.

I've turned several field engineers’ training "how to" lessons into checklists with 7taps and have integrated them into their LMS learning modules. Well-loved is a 7taps that includes a video of how to set up a piece of testing equipment. They loved that!

My manager was so impressed with what I built for the engineering group that she showed the head of our leadership development program. Their goal is to use 7taps to push out reminders/reinforcement messages to learners between their monthly leadership sessions and maybe use the quiz feature to gather feedback.

With so many internal and external clients wanting elearning development help, 7taps has been an easy sell because we can push out content so quickly. It would take so much longer to build a mobile-first learning experience in Storyline.

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How others benefit from 7taps

We're using 7taps as timely refreshers to ensure knowledge acquired is exercised. One of the main benefits is its asynchronous nature, making it possible for people to complete it when best for them.
Maria Pujol
Learning & Development Partner
7taps is very good to use when you want to present the overview of the learning objectives, to explain different concepts, a process, and also it is perfect when you wish to offer the summary of a module/course.
Mihaela Tirnaveanu
Instructional Designer, Allianz Technology

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