Solving soft-skill training issues for management with 7taps

Soft skills training   
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Birchwood Foods
Manufacturer of meat products
Food Manufacturing
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)
Caitlin Hamstra
Corporate Learning and Development Specialist

We use 7taps Learning Paths to solve soft-skill training issues for supervisor-level management at 4 different plants.

People operate in 3 shifts and there was a difficulty finding ways to train all managers across multiple sites in a short and engaging format that would not take too much time away from their work while also helping them feel that that time was worthwhile. Also there was a delay in communication between the specific shift on the production line and the L&D department. The process of reporting an issue, waiting for adjustments, and then proving another round of feedback was taking up time.

In the last 2 months, after a 7taps learning path was implemented (by me as the only eLearning developer), we trained 77 supervisors on soft skills. Courses use a variety of visual and audio materials that are instantly being delivered via email or text and can be opened on any device without needing special software.

We appreciate the simplicity a lot. It’s clean, and the fact that it’s web-based and no downloads are required is so convenient. Learners really enjoy using 7taps. They actually look forward to training sessions because they're nice to look at, engaging, easy to use, and, of course, short.

Next learning modules are planned for the executive team. They will cover soft skills related to critical conversations, de-escalation, and conflict resolution.

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How others benefit from 7taps

We're using 7taps as timely refreshers to ensure knowledge acquired is exercised. One of the main benefits is its asynchronous nature, making it possible for people to complete it when best for them.
Maria Pujol
Learning & Development Partner
7taps is great for reviewing information that has already been learned and for covering topics that don't require facilitation or a full eLearning course. It's also super useful for covering multistep tasks that aren't completed super frequently, to walk a user through each step one card at a time.
Linda Ray House
Sr. Instructional Designer
Canvas Credit Union

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