No passwords, no downloads

Once you’ve shared a course via secure link, SMS, QR-code or email, learners will dive in it in a click. No app, no downloads, no sign-in required.

1. Create a course in minutes

Everything you need to create engaging, compelling courses is built-in. Put your ideas on a solid course skeleton, and spice them up with GIFs, soundbites and quizzes. Create a course from scratch or re-use a copyright-free template

2. Share in a click

Share a course by link, SMS, QR-code or assign it to learners by entering their emails. What’s cool about 7taps is that learners don’t have to sign in or download any app to view the course — they just open a link on a smartphone or desktop and the training begins.

3. Track and analyze

Once the course is shared, you can generate a report with vital stats about learner performance. We’ve carefully selected the simplest and most important indicators that will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of the training.

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