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Chris Morris

We work with both the public and private sector in security providing courses that add to and develop the subjects covered in official sources and legislation. Because of the pandemic, we were looking for online learning tools that could work specifically for security training, something more unique than the combination of PowerPoint and Zoom.

We use a blended learning approach, so when we found 7taps we could immediately see its value in complementing our longer courses by providing a way to quickly revise or refresh knowledge. Plus there are knowledge gaps that can be bridged with short targeted courses.

When clients ask us for quick training solutions we see a lot of potential in mobile format. Security teams can refresh knowledge on the spot or get the briefing right before going on duty. Short, understandable, and memorable tips in a digestible format instead of pages of text.

I have created about 40 micro-learning sessions in 7taps. They cover personal safety, use of force, report writing, tactical communication, crime scene management, mental health, and more.

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How others benefit from 7taps

My job is rolling out new software that doesn't have premade lessons on how to use their software. As a result, we are creating our own microlearnings about the software for our team to be able to learn from and refer to.
Ashlynn Godfrey
Learning Experience Designer, Options Medical Weight Loss
With 7taps you are breaking free of any pretend PowerPoint scenarios and foundations. It really helps to capture the learner's attention, in a way that is similar to how they currently consume information (like TikTok, or Instagram Stories.)
Bonne Nagle
Sr. Instructional Designer, Cradlepoint

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