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Berlin-based mobile tax filing app
Financial Services
Mid-Market (400+ emp.)
Aki Friedrich
People Development & Learning Partner

At Taxfix I’m responsible for building and activating a Learning & Development environment that fosters self-driven development, continuous skill building and personal growth.

We usually collaborate with LifeLabs Learning and kick off each learning journey with one of their workshops (e.g. Coaching Skills, People Development, Effective 1-1s, and more) and then use 7taps to reinforce the learnings and revisit the tools by sending small check-ins to the cohorts of roughly 10 people throughout 5-8 weeks on Slack.

We wrap the journey up with another in-person/online meeting (in the case of coaching skills e.g. an event where participants can coach other team members) and sometimes meet in the middle of the journey for an extra practice session as well. 7taps enables us to create these check-ins really quickly.

It's a great tool to reinforce, make people retrieve knowledge, and add perspectives and insights.

We aim to increase knowledge retention by that and trigger hands-on learning as a crucial part of skill-building.

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How others benefit from 7taps

Our team members benefit from mobile, "on-the-go" learning tools. We want to push just-in-time learning to leaders and team members that work in our hospital system. 7taps allows us to create it quickly! We can choose for learners to pull the content with a QR code or push it with SMS.
Julie Anderson McKee
Director, Learning and Development
Inova Health System
My job is rolling out new software that doesn't have premade lessons on how to use their software. As a result, we are creating our own microlearnings about the software for our team to be able to learn from and refer to.
Ashlynn Godfrey
Learning Experience Designer, Options Medical Weight Loss

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