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Vanessa Cash
Leadership behavior consultant, coach and facilitator

I work with clients throughout both Asia and Australia to improve the performance of individuals and organizations in the areas of Leadership Development, Frontline Management, Communication Skills, and more.

The business need

Last year a global financial institution approached me with learning outcomes related to leadership development they wanted to achieve in a limited period of time. Due to this constraint and leaders' busy schedules, I suggested adopting a microlearning approach.

The bank wanted to train leaders from various departments in the APAC region.

The initial cohort included 25 individuals who received customized training on personal leadership style, effective teamwork and collaboration. The program included online learning sessions supported by microlearning assets. I decided to deliver the pre-training and follow-ups or boosts in 7taps via internally shared links.

Sharing is unbelievably easy with 7taps. Plus, you can get the data on how your content is performing.

Evaluating alternatives

I considered using EdApp as the microlearning platform for this project, but 7taps stood out.

7taps was incredibly easy to use!

I could find the right images in the integrated Unsplash library without switching tabs, and create content in a conversational mode by adding live voice recordings. Uncomplicated customization options allowed me to quickly branded all the learning materials.

The results

The feedback from the client was instantly positive. Being a large global bank with a rather conservative approach to training, they were pleasantly surprised with the look and feel of the 7taps microlearning modules. It was fresh and new, yet simple to take and complete — employees didn’t need any guidance in the process.

The program is currently being rolled out to one hundred leaders in the organization.

How others benefit from 7taps

We're using 7taps as timely refreshers to ensure knowledge acquired is exercised. One of the main benefits is its asynchronous nature, making it possible for people to complete it when best for them.
Maria Pujol
Learning & Development Partner
Everyone at the company is so busy there's very little time for training. 7taps allows me to slip in training that almost feels like entertainment. People enjoy the images and gifs so much they don't realize they're being taught something. And those images connect to the words and make people recall them a bit easier.
Laura Coulter
Elearning Specialist
Raintree Systems

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