Supplementing the training of a sports team with microlearning

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Miami Marlins
American professional baseball team based in Miami
Spectator Sports
Pamela Mejia de Rodriguez
Manager, Education Services

As our high-performance athletes, coaches, and staff are always busy and have tight schedules, they need relevant and timely information.

For our athletes, we teach life skills, cultural transition, and awareness through language classes (English/ Spanish). We also have leadership development & sport-related information/skills like nutrition, hydration, and mental skills.

For staff and coaches, we teach language learning, leadership development, and professional skills development.

By using 7taps, we have been able to reach a wider audience, make learning easy and fun, and expand our reach. As soon as we discovered microlearning, we were seeking a platform that was not just user-friendly but also easy and fast for our department to create learning experiences, and 7taps was our answer.

How others benefit from 7taps

I used 7taps to create guides for gaming events and educate people on what to do/expect when they signed up. It also allowed me to reach a wider audience, because I could post the link on social media very easily and it looked professional.
Stephen Maddison
Community Specialist, Juni
I am using 7taps to drive signups for events and learning opportunities, onboard new volunteers, and provide how-to guides for project tools. I am able to identify pain points for learners pretty quickly and adapt learning plans to respond.
Sarah Brown
Project Manager, Learning Experience Designer

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